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Poster 1


Ana Carolina Cardoso De Sousa

A flexible framework for real-time control of neuromechanical prostheses

Edmund Pickering.jpg

Edmund Pickering

Assessment of trabecular bone adaption in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis due to altered joint loading


Simon Thwaites

Kneeling tasks with and without knee pads: repeatability and loading visualisation

Tayebeh Namayeshi.jpg

Tayebeh Namayeshi

Effect of different treadmill-induced perturbations on agonist and antagonist muscle forces in compensatory step

Kim Herbert-Losier.jpg

Kim Hébert-Losier

Validity of the calf raise application

Brooke Hoolihan_edited_edited.jpg

Brooke Hoolihan

Effect of incremental increases in load on lower-limb coordination variability during load carriage

Dan Anderson.jpg

Daniel Anderson

Changes to kinematics and kinetics of typically developing children using the pyCGM2 model

Poster 2

Dylan Ashton.jpg

Dylan Ashton

The effects of sex and age on human tendon biomechanics

Luke Jessup_edited.jpg

Luke Jessup

Linking muscle mechanics to the metabolic cost of constrained hopping

Stephanie Khuu.jpg

Stephanie Khuu

Probing muscle adaptation following localised and widespread damage using a mechanobiological model

Kwong Ming TSE_edited.jpg

Dr. Kwong Ming TSE

Design and evaluation of a novel expandable helmet for bicyclists

Claire Crossley.jpg

Claire Crossley

Joint contact forces during posteriorly seated cycling

Ferryanto Ferryanto_edited.jpg

Ferryanto Ferryanto

Predicting the 3D ground reaction force of running using lstm based on kinematic parameters

Mousa Kazem_edited.jpg

Mousa Kazemi

Beyond muscle architecture: predicting ankle mechanics from 3D triceps surae muscle fascicle information