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Podium 1

Elyse Passmore.jpg

Elyse Passmore, PhD, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Automatically identifying infants at high-risk of cerebral palsy from smart-phone videos

Tamara Grant_edited.jpg

Tamara Grant

Squatting biomechanics following treatment for femoroacetabular impingement syndrome: hip arthroscopy vs conservative care

Laura Diamond bw.jpg

Laura Diamond

Feasibility of personalised hip load modification using real-time biofeedback in hip osteoarthritis: a pilot study

Basilio Goncalves.jpg

Basilio Goncalves

Hip contact forces during sprinting in femoroacetabular impingement syndrome and asymptomatic cam morphology


Dr. Rodrigo Bini

Differences in impact and propulsion between military boots and sports shoes

Aaron Fox.jpg

Aaron Fox

Do clinicians want biomechanical solutions to help treat shoulder injury and pathology? A survey-based study

Podium 2

Bradley Cornish_edited_edited.jpg

Bradley Cornish

Hip contact forces can be predicted in real-time using a long short-term memory neural network

Maura Eveld_edited_edited.jpg

Maura Eveld

Task-specific device use in paediatric prosthesis users

Massoud Alipour_edited.jpg

Dr. Massoud Alipour

Simulation and design for indirect sensing and mapping of deep muscle activity using electric field

Joe Lynch_edited.jpg

Joe Lynch

In-vivo kinematics during step-up and down in three total knee replacement designs: a randomised clinical trial


Dr. Hoa Hoang

Femoral mechanics using in-vitro real-time replication of physiological loading cycles of normal walking

Malik Muhammad Naeem Mannan.jpg

Malik Muhammad Naeem Mannan

Improving the control of a brain-computer interface using virtual reality training

Podium 3


Mr Kayne Duncanson

The impact of data arrangement and walking conditions on gait based person re-identification using force platforms

David Ackland_edited.jpg

Dave Ackland

Real-time conversion of IMU data to ankle joint angles using artificial intelligence

Nathan Lyons_edited.png

Nathan Lyons

Textile electrodes for electromyography

Claudio Pizzolato.jpg

Claudio Pizzolato

A neuromusculoskeletal model-based controller for functional electrical stimulation cycling


Yichen Huang

Rapid and high accuracy reconstruction of the bony shoulder anatomy: a statistical shape modelling study

Podium 4

Marco Branni.jpg

Marco Branni

Apparent mechanical properties of the entire human femur: indirect vs direct methods

Fazle Rabbi.jpg

Fazle Rabbi

Muscle synergy driven modelling to predic knee joint contact forces in children with cerebral palsy

Hamid Abbasi2.png

Hamid Abbasi

Deep-learning markerless tracking of infants general movements reveals similar trajectories to a marker-based approach

Dale Robinson.jpg

Dale Robinson

Fracture risk prediction of lumbar vertera under dynamic compression

Kieran Bennett.jpg

Kieran Bennett

Variations in knee joint loading can be effectively modelled by exploring the uncertainty of muscle recruitment

Satanik Mukherjee.jpg

Satanik Mukherjee

Multiscale modeling of knee joint pathophysiology: combined effect of mechanics and inflammation

Podium 5

James Williamson_headshot.jpg

James Williamson

Passive ankle exoskeletons influence both ankle and more proximal joint responses to unexpected perturbations

Laura Hutchinson_edited.jpg

Laura Hutchinson

Feasibility of using ultrasound to track iliotibial band displacement during isolated contractions


Daniel Devaprakash

Free achilles tendon strain during landing, jumping, locomotor, and rehabilitation tasks


Eoin Doyle

Tibial accelerations estimate instantaneous vertical loading rate and peak patellofemoral joint stress during running

Tyler Collings.jpg

Tyler Collings

Gluteal muscle forces during hip-focused strengthening and injury prevention exercises

Patricio Pincheira.png

Patricio Pincheira

Biceps femoris long head neuromechanical behaviour during nordic hamstring exercise variations: preeliminary results

Adam Kositsky.jpg

Adam Kositsky

Do morphological changes explain knee flexor weakness after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction?