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Poster 3

Paige Treherne.jpg

Paige Treherne

Exploring the relationship between size and shape of the human tarsal bones


Yihang Yu

The influence of spine cage position on the mechanical response of superior lumbar endplate-a finite element modelling study

Lauren Wearne.jpeg

Lauren Wearne

Titanium press-fit tray implanted in human tibia: a zero-strain micro-CT and digital volume correlation analysis

Alastair Quinn.jpg

Alastair Quinn

Biomechanical analysis of novel wrist implant

Nicholas Kent.jpg

Nicholas Kent

Head excursion in high back booster seats is lower than in forward facing child seats with internal harness designed for children up to 8 years of age.

Tom Whyte.jpg

Tom Whyte

Neck injury risk from head-first dives into trampoline dismount foam pits

Mousa Kazem_edited.jpg

Mousa Kazemi

Estimating cartilage contact mechanics and 3D joint space from radiographs informed by statistical shape models

Poster 4

Kwong Ming TSE.jpg

Kwong Ming TSE

Effects of implant-bone contouring and screw configurations on stress distribution in temporomandibular implant

Luis Eduardo Coofre Lizama_edited.png

Luis Eduardo Cofre Lizama

The effect of speed on gait stability during load carriage

Lisa Wolski.jpg

Lisa Wolski

Sprint acceleration force-velocity profiles in track and field athletes with and without hamstring injury

Alasdair Dempsey.jpg

Alasdair Dempsey 

Determinants of throwing speed in elite malte cricketers

Daniel Epifano.jpg

Daniel Epifano

Objective assessment of fast bowling delivery intensity in amateur male cricketers

Georgina Barratt.jpg

Georgina Barratt

Impact of foot-stretcher height on rowing performance: a nonlinear analysis

Ferryanto Ferryanto_edited.jpg

Ferryanto Ferryanto 

The effect of different soccer shoe stud on traction ratio and running speed in turning movement