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Young Investigator Award


Rob Lloyd, MEng, PhD, Neuroscience research Australia

Automating construction of subject-specific tongue models in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea


Ana de Sousa, PhD, Griffith University

Development of a safety-control trigger for functional electrical stimulation-induced cycling


Ryan Quarrington Dr, University of Adelaide

Estimating facet joint apposition with specimen-specific computer models of subaxial cervical spine kinematics: the effect of axial compression and distraction during shear and bending motions

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Azadeh, Nasseri, Dr, Griffith University

Effects of pubertal maturation on anterior cruciate ligament forces during a landing task in females

Dermot O'Rourke.jpg

Dermot O’Rourke, PhD, Flinders University

Predicting rupture site in ascending aortic aneurysms using patient-specific finite element models