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Session Q&A 




From a safety point of view, would you put the char in front of the cupboard or against a wall?

​You can, but you don't have to. You can decide as the clinician - just document what was done.

For standardisation, some authors suggest the wall, but some suggest without it.

Do you think the 30CST test is safe to do over the phone / without video?

It’s up to each clinician to decide for each individual case.  It’s obviously not the standardised method, but it could still be better than nothing (if safe).  I think I’ve done it once or twice before on moderately fit patients.

Are you asking about a pre and post 30CST BORG?

Yes, you can - but I don't do it routinely. 


Do you expect your Telehealth clients to have a pulse oximeter and BP cuff at home?

No - it is something I suggest to some patients as an option (like HR watches) but I make it clear it's not compulsory (like spacer devices for inhalers).

What would you do for people with knee problems?

You can modify the chair height (higher).  The 5X SST test is then non-standardised, but is still reliable for the same patient.

Would you do this test with patients under 60?

Yes actually, it is less sensitive but still valid.  May not provide sensitivity to change though for fitter people.  Age is not always an indicator of fitness.

For those unable to rise without hand support, would you continue with this test?

You can use a modified chair (with arms), but obviously it is then non-standardised, but still reliable for the same patient.

What are you doing for people who can't use Telehealth?

MRC, NYHA scales, goal attainment assessment.

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