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Special Session 1A

Resources for SPECIAL SESSION 1A: Academic Isolation vs. Integration – How to become an active member of your research field

(B. Figureido, D. Scaraboto and M. C. Ferreira)

Below you can download and access resources from Special Session 1A:

Special Session 2A

Resource for SPECIAL SESSION 2A: "Storytelling your research: How to position a paper at leading journal level. "

(T. van Laer)

For Special Session 2A, we ask that you please bring along the Introduction section of a paper you are currently writing, in order to participate in the workshop.


Please also ensure you have downloaded the slide resources.  These can also be accessed in the Files section of the session activity page.

Download the slide resources below:

Special Session 2B

Resource for SPECIAL SESSION 2B: Research diffusion: how to share your research with the general public

(J. Pallant, B. Coker and M. Ketchell)

Download the slide resources below:


​View posters and vote for your favourite one below!

ANZMAC 2021 Poster_Czapla.png

Poster 1: Alina Czapla


ANZMAC 2021 Poster_Ren.png

Poster 2: Lu Ren

Extraordinary Experiences in Escape Rooms: The Continuum of Social Stratification – De-stratification – Re-stratification

ANZMAC 2021 Poster_Shah.png

Poster 3: Aakash Shah

“When reading is believing”: Investigating the influence of online reviews on consumer decision making

ANZMAC 2021 Poster_Tang.png

Poster 4: Yuming Tang

Progress Framing in Loyalty Card Programs


Poster 5: Thamiris Magalhaes De Sousa

Restorative exoticism: Marajó Island, in the Amazon, as a form of unconventional and escapist luxury

Poster Nagendra.png

Poster 6: Nagendra S M

Brand Perceived Social Sustainability Scale

ANZMAC 2021 Poster_Yabuno.png

Poster 7: Shota Yabuno

Measuring customer-based brand equity and general marketing effect in cosmetic brands - Focusing on Price and Advertising

ANZMAC 2021 Poster_SHARIF.png

Poster 8: Sharif Ahmed Habibu

Blockchain Adoption in Agricultural Cooperative Societies: An Innovation Catalyst and a Sustainability Enabler

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