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The Defence Day by ICN 2023 event is hosted on a platform called ‘Airmeet’.

When entering the platform, please allow camera and microphone. This will not make you automatically visible to attendees. You can then select from a range of backgrounds if you wish to use a virtual background. You will have the opportunity to confirm camera and microphone access as you enter each breakout room.


For any commentary and feedback, please contact If you need support outside of program hours, please contact tech support at


During the program you can contact us using the message feature on the virtual platform.


Search ‘Event Support’ and one of our team members will be online to help.

Tech Support


For the best delegate experience, use Google Chrome on a desktop device.

Please note that tablets (including iPads and surface pros) and mobile phones will have a reduced functionality. We recommend using a laptop or desktop. 

You can only access the platform on one device at a time.


Airmeet works on all modern-day browsers, however, speakers, hosts and moderators, in particular must have least Chrome (version 79).


Other supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox (version 76 +), Brave Browser.


Unsupported Browsers: Older versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.


For more technical details and troubleshooting please visit Airmeet Support.

Tech Requirements


The Reception is your conference hub. From here you can navigate to the Program, Exhibition Space, Networking Lounge, and Help Desk using either the top or bottom hand menu.

Defence Day by ICN - Reception Page (Airmeet) v6.png
Program button.png
Prime Booths button.png

View the event sessions for each day and select the session you would like to join.  

Explore the booths of conference Primes.

Defence Day by ICN - Reception Page (Airmeet).png

Join the Meeting Lounge to interact with the delegates.

Help Desk button v2.png

Selecting the help desk will direct you to this Technical Support page, where you can find more information about technical requirements and troubleshooting. 

Attend a session

Attend a session - View Schedule.png

In the top left corner, click on the schedule button to view the sessions.

Attend a session - Join session.png

Click 'join session' to enter a conference activity. 

Meeting Lounge

The Meeting Lounge is an informal networking opportunity, where you can meet other delegates at the conference. There will be state representatives that you can meet with in at each of their tables. You can also create your own networking table, with two to eight seats available, and delegates can join anytime during the day.

Meeting Lounge.png

Click 'join' and a pop-up window will appear to begin a video chat.

Meeting Lounge - Join.png

Prime Booths

Prime Booths.png

Prime Booths can be accessed via the top menu, or through the "Prime Booths" button at the reception page. You can meet with the Primes during the lunch break, or during the Meet the Primes and Networking Session in the afternoon.

Quad Charts

Click the 'Quad Charts' button in the top menu to view all the Quad Charts.  The titles will appear in alphabetical order. 

Navigating the Platform


When you enter the session, you will see the chat & Q&A tabs on the right-hand side.

You can use the chat function to communicate any technical issues you may have and our Event Support team will reply. 

Inside a session - Chat.png

Directly under the chat tab, there is a Q&A tab – please ask questions here. Questions posted in the ‘chat’ will get lost and unanswered.

Inside a session - Q&A.png
Inside a session - Q&A upvote.png

Remember to upvote any questions that you also want answered. The most popular questions will be asked first.

During your session, your host may ask you to engage with the 'Poll' function. Here you can vote for your preferred answer and see the results of the other delegates.

Inside a session - Polls.png
Inside a Session


‘Messages’ will appear in the top bar no matter where you are on the platform. Click on messages to see your personal inbox or find online delegates under ’people’ to start a new message chain. You will be able to send messages to delegates who are offline: they will see the message when they log in.

Communicating OTP - Messages.png

If at any stage, you are having technical difficulties click on ‘people’ and search ‘Event Support’ and members of our event team will appear. Feel free to message them with any questions you have.

Communicating OTP - People.png


There may be times throughout the day where the event team will send you alerts. This will pop up on your top right hand corner. This will help remind you of where you need to go, or whether a session is about to start. 

Communicating OTP - Alerts.png
Communicating on the Platform


In the top right corner, you can view and update your profile.

Update your profile.png

Select 'Complete profile' to update your details. 

Here you can upload a profile image, update your personal details, such as your name, job title, organisation, city and include a short bio about yourself. Other delegates will be able to view your profile. Please click 'save' at the bottom to save your details. 

Update Your Profile
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