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Haorui Cai, Hailey Gao, Yijia Ma, Xinyang Wei and Zhen Zhang


Every great solution is driven by an innovative idea. The Hypothesizers approach our client’s challenge with a creative and innovative mindset that aims to create lasting change.


We are a multidisciplinary consulting team that specializes in the solar waste upcycling industry. Our talents span across many fields such as information systems, finance & accounting, marketing and engineering. The diversity of our team enhances our understanding of the client’s challenges from different perspectives thus allowing us to offer solutions that are sustainable and robust.



Mattia Abad, Tom Bennett, Alistair Davis, Simon Ferreira and Alex Huang

Hello, we are Team TOMorrow! We are a group of mechanical, mechatronic, and electrical engineering students who have come together to collaborate, innovate, and SMASH the FEIT Case Competition. This competition is our first time working together as a group, having been strung together by friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. Bonding over our drive for sustainability and invention, we hope our diverse team will leave a good impression on the judges (and on our resumes). Whatever the outcome, it was a pleasure to have made it this far and we look forward to working together in the future, and for the future of solar paneling recycling.

Team Logo.png


Oliver Arthur-Andrews, Navindu De Silva, Xinyi Li, Harrison Lowe and Nieve

The Case Quackers are ducking excited to be participating in this year’s FEIT Case Competition! Like our totem, the duck (an unassuming all-terrain animal), we are an understated yet versatile team.  Team members Oliver Arthur-Andrews, Nav De Silva, Xinyi Li, Harry Lowe, and Nieve Powell hail from the departments of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, and certainly won’t be winging it, since they combine knowledge of manufacturing, waste disposal, environmental approvals, contaminants, water, recycling, chemical processing, and product life-cycle analysis.
Our team has devised a quacking solution to the problem of solar panel waste, with plans to use the existing geometry and properties of the solar panel’s glass and aluminium frame to build cheap photobioreactors and greenhouses. This solution not only reduces energy costs associated with the recycling process, it also creates high value products to help propel two growing industries, climate resilient agriculture and the cultivation of microalgae. In producing two products that utilise the same components and very similar manufacturing processes, our solution can accommodate changing market demands by upregulating the production of one and downregulating the production of the other. We hope you enjoy our case pitch; feather you’ve enjoyed these puns or not. 🦆



Abigail Bloom, Benjamin Field, Zachari Orelowitz and Harshit Sinha

Coming from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, Architecture, Arts and Commerce respectively, the team have now all made their way to the Master of Engineering.  What brings the team together is a passion for the circular economy and using engineering to design a more sustainable future. Zach is specialising in Electrical Engineering, enjoys drawing and is interested synthetic biology and entrepreneurship. Ben is studying Biomedical Engineering, enjoys playing music, travelling and is passionate about synthetic biology. Abby is studying Environmental Engineering, loves the outdoors and works in ethical finance. The team is excited to join forces and revolutionise the way we recycle and therefore value solar panels.

EcoNerds Logo.png


Zichen (Vera) Jin, Hong Xu, Yunan Wu and Bowen Zhang

EcoNerds is a multi-disciplinary team composed of four students from different engineering degrees. 


  • April Xu: April is a student from Master of Information Systems, she has a passion for technology and innovation, especially in UX and UI.


  • Sarah Wu: Sarah is a Master of IT student who has a strong BIS background, combined with a strong interest and sufficient ability to develop industrial software. 


  • Bowen Zhang: Bowen is a current student from the degree of Master of Information Systems, who is interested in the area of business and information technologies. 


  • Vera Jin: Vera is a Master of Environmental Engineering student; she has a passion for implementing sustainable solutions to infrastructures.


Here at EcoNerds, we believe in the power of upcycling. We aim to create a better solution for end-of-life solar panels and empower the clean energy industry.


Event Program

Welcome and Introductions

Welcome Address from Mark Cassidy, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology 

Neeraj Das from Elecsome


Finalist Presentations


Team TOM

The Case Quackers

Solar System Solutions

The Hypothesizers

Presentation from Elecsome


Winner Announcement

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