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Psychological Safety in Healthcare

Going LIVE on Tuesday 14 November, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

What does psychological safety look like and how can we get better at it as individuals, teams and

Host Dr Cheryl Martin, Emergency Physician, host of the Mindful Medic Podcast

  • Victoria Lister, PhD Candidate, Junior Doctor Silence Voice

  • Dr Catherine Olweny, Anaesthetist, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

  • Dr Simon Craig, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, founder of PosMed and Author (‘From Hurting to Healing’)

  • Duncan Brown, Quality and Safety consumer advocate

We Are Starting Soon - Option 1   (1).png

Hot tips: Refresh page and press play to start event.  Please press 'unmute' on the event stream, and ensure the volume is up high (right hand side volume button). Should your stream appear blurry, you may increase and adjust the quality by navigating to the cogwheel on the bottom right of the video window, and selecting 720p or higher. Should you require any further technical assistance, chat to our Tech Support on the bottom right of the page, or visit the alternative viewing link here.

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