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This is a careers forum with purpose. Each semester, Science Gallery Melbourne will introduce your students to inspiring people who work to solve some of our most pressing global and local challenges that we  as a community face.  

Students will hear not only about career journeys and industry connections, but how these professionals work across science, technology, engineering, arts and maths and use a range of transferable skills in the ways they work to make a difference in the world.

In this edition of our STEAM Careers Online Forums, during National Careers Week and Victorian Education Week, we will focus on transdisciplinary careers relating to biotech, bioethics and more.

Scan me before the forum starts so you can ask and upvote questions throughout the panel discussion

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Ask the panel

Post your questions for panellists in the Q&A section and they will be answered by the speakers.

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Andrew Pask


Andrew Pask heads the Evo-Devo-Repro group at the University of Melbourne. His research uses comparative mammalian genetics to identify critical and conserved networks driving key processes in development. His comparative genetics work has led to the sequencing of several marsupial genomes, including that of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. 

Andrew established the Thylacine integrated genetic restoration research lab (TIGRR lab) to examine the possibility of de-extinction for this species as well as develop next-generation tools to help preserve and conserve current threatened and endangered marsupial species.

Lucy McRae


Artist Lucy McRae leads a multi-disciplinary, art-research studio investigating the impact future technologies have on human evolution. 

By designing hypothetical worlds that use speculation as a tool, Lucy's work provokes an exploration of who we are, and where we are headed.

Asmitta Haq


Asmita Haq graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting. Whilst studying she was the Vice President of the Amnesty International Student Society who campaigns to end human rights abuses. 

After university Asmita worked as a Financial Sleuth in External Audit looking to uncover the financial mysteries of a range of companies at a large professional services firm. Asmita then stepped into the world of corporate accounting at Mercedez Benz and is now working at CSL, a company formed to save lives using the latest technologies. Personally Asmita is passionate about continual growth and making meaningful contributions in the finance industry.

Gadhadar Reddy

Gadhadar PictureJPG (1).jpg

Gadhadar Reddy is an accomplished entrepreneur with expertise in the field of nanotechnology. 

As the CEO of NoPo Nanotechnologies, he has successfully led the development of a breakthrough manufacturing technology for HiPCO® Carbon Nanotubes. This accomplishment has positioned India as a global leader in the production of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNTs), a critical material used across numerous sectors including space, defense, water, batteries, electronics, and biotechnology. 

Reddy's vision is centered around harnessing the power of carbon nanotubes to make space accessible to everyone. 

Emcee: Jess Vovers

Jess Vovers_image.jpg

Dr Jess Vovers (they/them) researches emerging and disruptive technologies for Defence Science and Technology Group, and is a maker, secret poet and doctor of biochemical engineering.

They seek to explore the plurality of queer, neurodiverse, regenerative futures and how we can enmesh art and science to cultivate them. 

They are propelled by curiosity, awe and connection, and can often be found settling in with clay in soft coloured lighting.

Emcee: Qian Mo (Rita) Cul


Qian Mo (Rita) Cui is an active member of Sci Curious at Science Gallery. A high school student with a passion for tackling global challenges such as climate change, sustainability, and biodiversity loss, they envision a future dedicated to making a difference. 

When not immersed in marine biology or coral reef restoration, Rita enjoys strumming the guzheng, exploring ancient philosophy through music, and engaging in community service. 

However, during VCE crunch time, they are mostly found buried in VCAA exam preparation at the library.


We'd greatly appreciate if you and your students could provide us with feedback on the forum so we can continue to improve it

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We pay respect to Elders past and present of the Kulin Nation, and acknowledge First Nations people as our first artists and scientists.
Science Gallery Melbourne is part of the Global Science Gallery Network pioneered by Trinity College Dublin

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