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This is a careers forum with purpose. Each term, Science Gallery Melbourne will introduce your students to inspiring people who work to solve some of our most pressing global and local challenges that we as a community face.  


Students will hear not only about career journeys and industry connections, but how these professionals work across science, technology, engineering, arts and maths and use a range of transferable skills in the ways they work to make a difference in the world.


In the second forum of 2023, students will connect with professionals working in some of the world's fastest growing industries, including the space sector and AI art.


How to start the live stream

Refresh page and press play to start event.  Please ensure volume is up high (bottom right blue bars). Should your stream appear blurry, you may increase and adjust the quality by navigating to the cogwheel on the bottom right of the video window, and select 720p or higher. 

If you experience any technical difficulties, please chat to us via the box on the bottom right of this page. Otherwise, you may choose to watch the event via the alternative link here.

Ask the panel

Post any questions and comments for our panellists in the Q&A section and they will be answered by the speakers.


Professor Elisabetta Barberio


Professor Elisabetta Barberio is the Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics and initiated the underground direct detection dark matter program in Australia, which led to the construction of the first underground laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere, the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory (SUPL) in Victoria. SUPL will host the SABRE South experiment, the first underground Australian dark matter direct detection experiment led by her.  She had an important role in the discovery of the Higgs boson particle at the Large Hadron Collider. Professor Barberio was a researcher at CERN, the European laboratory of Particle Physics, where she performed measurements that confirmed the theory describing fundamental particles behaviour to an extraordinary degree of precision.

Harshit Agrawal


Harshit Agrawal is an Indian artist working with emerging technologies, primarily artificial intelligence. His practice is centered around the theme of exploring the poetics of technology. He is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab (USA) and IIT Guwahati and has carried out various international art residencies. Along with his art practice, he has authored several publications and patents about his work at the intersection of human computer interaction and creative expression.​​​​

Rishi Kher


Rishi Kher is an entrepreneur working across industries such as health, manufacturing, finance, technology and education. He is currently CEO of health and cosmetic manufacturing and retail company Holy Sanity. He runs his own accounting practise providing outsourced CFO work and more recently built and is operating a school in rural India with his involvement in the charity Schoolgoers. He previously ran and assisted companies through the cryptocurrency boom for many exciting block-chain start ups and was awarded the IABCA Young Professional of the Year in 2022. 

Shirley Zhang


Shirley Zhang is the Defence Engineering Engagement Lead at the Australian Space Agency (ASA). My primary responsibility is to manage cross-government partnerships in national space projects to realise government’s full capabilities in growing our local space industry. I am also a Satellite System Engineer. I served as the Ground & Control Lead at Defence prior to this role and worked in Defence as an engineer since 2014. My academic background was in Computer Science and Network Engineering, with a specialisation in Software-Defined Network.

Tiahni Adamson


As the Lead Community Engagement Officer for CH4 Global, Tiahni Adamson is part of a dynamic team that research and foster sustainable seaweed aquaculture, with a goal of zero methane agriculture. As a Torres Strait Islander woman descended from the Kaurareg Nations of Thursday Island, and Wildlife Conservation Biologist, Tiahni works diligently on a variety of external projects to nurture country, find solutions to our climate crisis and advocate for First Nations justice and land rights.

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We pay respect to Elders past and present of the Kulin Nation, and acknowledge First Nations people as our first artists and scientists.
Science Gallery Melbourne is part of the Global Science Gallery Network pioneered by Trinity College Dublin

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