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Technology and Digital Design for Civic Good and Social Impact


Brought to you by the University of Melbourne
and Telstra.

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Meet the Panel

Vickie Irving joined Telstra Health in 2015 as their Clinical Health Specialist to lead the development and implementation of innovative, eHealth-enabled service delivery models. With a passion for continuous improvement and innovation, accompanied by extensive clinical, healthcare administration and ICT experience, Vickie has successfully driven the development and implementation of large-scale business transformation initiatives, to improve access to healthcare and enhance customer experience.

Prior to joining Telstra Health, Vickie worked in a variety of clinical roles for Queensland Health, before specializing in strategic and health service planning. She then transitioned into clinical service redesign, lean methodology and process improvement where she led several successful statewide service improvement and clinical redesign initiatives involving emergency department, elective surgery, specialist outpatient and community-based services, with measurable impacts on access and outpatient flow.   

Vickie Irving

Harley Sands 

Harley joined Telstra in 2016 as a Graduate Engineer after completing his Master’s of Electrical Engineering at The University of Melbourne. Over the past 5 years Harley has contributed to building Telstra’s portfolio of IoT Solutions for Australia’s biggest enterprises and some global organisations. Harley currently has a hybrid role at Telstra, functioning both as IoT Domain Engineering Chapter Lead where his focus is developing the skills and careers of his team of talented engineers including the next generation of graduates, as well as Locate and Monitor Technical Product Owner, where he has technology and delivery accountability for Telstra’s Enterprise-grade “Location of Things” platform.

Jenny Waycott

Jenny Waycott is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems, working in the interdisciplinary field of Human-Computer Interaction. Her recent work has focused on the design and use of social technologies for/with older adults, ethical issues in the design and use of new technologies in sensitive settings, and creative uses of new technologies for social inclusion.

A/Prof Waycott examines the social contexts in which people use new technologies, focusing on understanding how older adults and aged care providers use technologies for social and emotional wellbeing. Through deep understandings of contexts of use, this work aims to improve how we design and deploy technologies with older adults, especially in sensitive settings such as aged care, where a respectful and empathetic approach is crucial to ensure new technologies provide benefit and do not cause harm.

Dr Simon D'Alfonso is a Lecturer in Digital Health in The University of Melbourne School of Computing and Information Systems. His work focuses on the application of digital technology, ubiquitous computing and artificial intelligence to support mental health and psychology more generally.

Professor Frank Vetere is Deputy Dean (Engagement) in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and Professor of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne. 

Frank’s expertise is in Human-Computer Interaction, with research interests in human-centered approaches to Artificial Intelligence (AI), interactivity in mixed reality and technologies for ageing well. He has published over 200 papers in leading international journals and conferences and has been granted over $7m in funding to support his research, including seven Australian Research Council projects.

Simon D'Alfonso

Prof Frank Vetere

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