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The Wattle Fellowship is the University of Melbourne’s co-curricula program for students to foster leadership on global sustainability. The program focuses on multidisciplinary approaches, leadership development, experiential learning and practical skills development. Our vision is a world where sustainability practices and principles are embedded into every social endeavour.

This event is our premier event to showcase the learning, development and impact of students involved in the program.

Come along to hear next level ideas, see prototypes and engage with hands-on demonstrations of sustainability focused action projects designed to create a positive impact now and into the future.

From a DIY e-bike conversion kit, to a sustainable health promotion package for GP waiting rooms, to a 'tiny theatre in a briefcase' telling tales of human encounters with birds, the Wattle Fellowship student projects are diverse and divergent, but all aim to create lasting positive social and environmental outcomes. 

Join us for an enjoyable evening of featured presentations and demonstrations, with time to engage directly with students participating in the Wattle Fellowship program. See the link below for more information on each project and student.

Wattle Fellowship Showcase Program


Entertainment (music) upon arrival Background music


Four performers will be playing a series of pieces including arrangements from Attenborough's Blue Planet, Life on Our Planet, and pieces from my Wattle action project which are based on the human condition and inspired by nature.


Composed by Helen Shen


On violin 1 - Emma Amery

On violin 2 - Nick Miceli

On viola - Kiara Kim

On cello - Darcy Gilkerson


Acknowledgement to Country

Given by Wattle Fellowship Student xxxx xxxx

Welcome from Wattle Fellowship

Directors Linh Do and Julian O'Shea give an overview of the Wattle Fellowship program of 2021/22

Sustainability Action Project Demonstration


Planet Donut

Kate Melville Rea


Kate demonstrates her action project Planet Donut. Launching a YouTube channel, “Planet Donut” explores what our society could look like to live within our planetary boundaries.

Energy Justice in Public Housing

Jarred Abrahams


Jarred demonstrates his action project Energy Justice in Public Housing. Revolutionising energy access by advocating for power purchasing agreements for residents of public housing with an affordable and green energy provider.


The Tail of the Phoenix

Paloma Bugedo


Paloma demonstrates her action project The Tail of the Phoenix.Creating a peddle-powered 'theatre in a briefcase' to bring communities together, and to reconnect people to nature using stories of birds.

Legal Ethics for Modern Practice: A Climate Conscious Approach to Lawyering

Thea Shields


Thea demonstrates her action project Legal Ethics for Modern Practice: A Climate Conscious Approach to Lawyering. Developing a course for legal practitioners about the risks associated with climate change and championing a new industry code and voluntary commitment.


Sapling protocol

Jem Yumru


Jem demonstrates his action project: Sapling protocol. Greening the music industry by raising funds for environmental projects through the sale of NFTs through hosting freely accessible, sustainably themed music content.


From Anxiety to Action

Imogen Senior


Imogen demonstrates his action project: From Anxiety to Action. supporting young people to move from climate anxiety to hope by equipping them to take sustainability-focussed political action.


Healthy People Healthy Planet

Liz Hu


Liz demonstrates her action project:Healthy People Healthy Planet. Developing education-based tools in the form of videos, interactive displays and craft activities which teach sustainability tips to children and families waiting in GP clinics.


Musical performance


"Renewal" for two cellos by Alex Olijnyk

Helen Shen


Closing remarks | Invitation to explore all the student activations showcase


Floor Showcase Open

8:00PM Event End 

Wattle Fellowship Showcase Floor plan
* Showcase floor plan sites subject to change 

Wattle Fellowship Floor-plan Ideas  (2).png

  1. Sapling Protocol
    Jem Yumru

  2. Rural Nature Project
    Sean McConnell

  3. Energy Justice in Public Housing
    Jarred Abrahams

  4. The Happy ScrapBilly
    Jamieson Lowe

  5. Moonie River Sustainability Solution  
    Joe Fulwood

  6. Re-vegging to Re-birding: A Suburban Biodiversity Initiative
    Emma Bowman

  7. The Tail of the Phoenix       
    Paloma Bugedo Caroca


  8. Green wall demonstration site
    Emily Andolfatto

  9. KIFF - DIY E-bike Conversion for Beginners
    Shawn Ingle


​10. RenewScapes
       Meg Chatterton 

       Roma Bodycomb


12. EnviroSound 
       Helen Shen


13. Honest Feeds       
       Monyq San Tropez


14. Anxiety to Action

       Imogen Senior

15. ‘Planet Donut’       
        Kate Melville-Rea


16. Healthy People, Healthy Planet

       Elizabeth Hu 

17. Legal Ethics for Modern Practice: A Climate Conscious               Approach to Lawyering

       Thea Shields 

18. Climate and Health Education and the University of                   Melbourne
      Jessica Clark 


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