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Please review the below document ahead of our session:

Lessons from Practice: General Grants Infographic

Conveying the Right Message

How to Convey the Right Message (Media, Advocacy and Community Engagement)

Trigger Warning - Session

Session Safety Plan

G2.1.1.Confidence in Messaging Slides

G2.1.2. Confidence in Messaging Worksheet

Zione Walker 'African Gangs' Interview Video

Trigger Warning: This video contains racism, intergenerational trauma, and violent imagery. These images may be distressing to individuals who have been impacted by the racist approach to African youth by the Australia government and media. 

Shareena Clankton Q&A Video - Additional Resource

Trigger Warning: This video contains depictions of ongoing intergenerational trauma and systemic racism in several forms. It may be distressing to individuals who have been historically, presently, and are continuously impacted by the Australian government’s treatment of First Nations Peoples.

Flemington Towers ABC - Additional Resource

Trigger Warning: This video contains themes of trauma, police brutality, and racism. The content may be distressing and triggering to individuals who were impacted by the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns of the Flemington housing estates in Melbourne.

G2.1.4. Advocacy Help Sheet

Sourcing Grants

Grant Writing: Sourcing

G2.2.1 VLF Infographic

G2.2.3 Grant Writing Slides

G2.2.4 Grant Writing Key Points Slides

G2.2.5 VLSB Grant Application Example

G2.2.6 FV Prevention Blank Grant Application Example

G2.2.7 Local Anti-Racism Initiatives Grants Program 2021 - Successful Applicants

Grant Writing

Grant Writing: Putting It All Together

G2.2.9 Grant Prompt Flow Chart & Table Template

G2.2.10 Socio-historic & Political Context of Your Organisation Handout

G2.2.11 Grant Avenues Multicultural Communities Handout

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